Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Album Review: TV on the Radio - Nine Types Of Light (2011)

Nine Types of Light

It's so Tragic that Gerard Smith died from cancer just a few days after releasing TV on the Radio's new album, Nine Types Of Light. Unfortunately, It is the weaker album they made so far and Smith's Tragedy won't be on the band's side...

The openning track, Second Song (Youtube, Lyrics), sounds like a combination between Gnrals Barkly and the Bee Gees, but it's not leaving any strong impression on the listenner. The Follower, Keep Your Heart (Youtube), is more communicative and melodic. You (Youtube, Lyrics), is a bitter-sweet ballad that sounds very convincing when Adepimpe says: "You, Gave no reason for letting go, I just thought you might like to know, You're the only one I ever loved"that's what makes it  one of the best tracks on this album While No Future Shock could stay as a B-Side....

Killer Crane (Youtube, Lyrics) is one of the most silent songs on this album, a lullaby alike while Will Do (YoutubeLyrics) starts with a Japanese melody but it's not rising to a great hights like the earlier albums. Seems like they took a direction towards main stream... New Cannonball blues is a total waste of time, you can skip quickly to the next track. Repetition (Youtube, Lyrics) got a great drum & bass rythem but without leaving any unforgettable impression. On the other hand, Forgotten (Youtube, Lyrics) is better than the other songs on this album and I wish they'll make more tracks like that. When they sing about "Beverly Hills, burning of plastic", that's the kind of critic I'd like to hear more...
Caffeinated Consciousness (Youtube, Lyrics) seems like a song of Red Hot Chili Peppers and Oooopsss, this is the end of the album. 

From my point of view, TV on the Radio are losing their momentum as an outstanding experimental-indie band and slowly becoming a common one. It wouldn't surprise me if that would be their last record, but deep inside I hope that they'll create another sleep hunting song like "Wolf like me" (Youtube, Lyrics)

The song you should purchase the album for: "You" (YoutubeLyrics)

The Judge Decision: Not the cup of tea for a wolf like me 

Ranking (5/10)

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