Saturday, 14 May 2011

Album Review: The Antlers - Burst Apart (2011)

Burst Apart
After an impressive debut concept album, Hospice, which dealt with cancer, lost and medical treatments, I was afraid of the second album fall. How can this band create another masterpiece or create at all something after hospice? Seems that I was wrong... and I'm so glad about that. Burst Apart don't fall short of hospice. Of course, this is not a concept album, it's a bit more electronic but I find it more Optimistic (If we can find that kind of word after hospice).

I find Peter Silberman's soft voice amazing. I don't want love (Youtube, Lyrics) gives a clue for what goes next as Silberman's declare: “If I leave before you, Then I walk out alone. Keep your hands on your side, When you follow me home, I don't want love”. Feels like The Antlers aren't looking for the love of the audience but searching for new adventures through this album. Rolled Together (Lyrics) and Tiptoe are good examples for experimental tracks on this one. 

While I go on and on, over French exit (Lyrics), one of the weakest tracks here, gloomy Every night my teeth are falling out ( Lyrics) and Parentheses (Lyrics), it feels like The Antlers never left Hospice, they only changed the issues around it. 

Hounds (Lyrics) sounds like a collaboration between The Antlers and Beirut while Silberman says: "They want to conquer you, abandon you. I want to burden you, belong to you" while Putting the dog to sleep (Youtube, Lyrics) makes an analogy between human and dogs as Silberman writes: "Put your trust in me, I'm not gonna die alone...I don't think so...".

No widows (Youtube, Lyrics) is a perfect song, starting with the lines: "If I never get back home, There's no garden overgrown. No widows on the wall, no widows left alone", which could be part of the previous album as well as beautiful Corsicana (Youtube, Lyrics). Wow, What an album, I need to buy it, so do you...

The song you should purchase the album for: "No Widows", "Corsicana" and "Putting the dog to sleep"

The Judge Decision: Get out of Hospice and run to purchase this one! 

Ranking (9/10)

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  1. Regrettably I can't agree with you on this. 'Hospice' was a brilliant record: dramatic but so intimate, miserable but so listenable.

    But 'Burst Apart' is the sound of a band - a great band - being lazy and comfortable. And good art doesn't come from lazy and comfortable.

    There's nothing to like here. It's just aural wallpaper.