Sunday, 24 April 2011

Album Review: Unkle - Only The Lonely EP (2011)

Only the Lonely EP

Unkle's Only the Lonely - EP promises something interesting. Looking on the guest list on this short EP reveals us that we're gonna meet there Nick Cave, Leila Moss of The Duke Spirit, Gavin Clark of Clayhill and Rachel Fannan, The leading singer of Sleepy Sun. Although it contains only 6 tracks (2 of them are different versions of "Money and run"), It got very rich, altough gloomy, sound. Cave's song is the best act in this album but, Gavin Clark's collaboration seems to be not far away behind. The three other tracks are weaker and it seems that James Lavelle could wait a while until he'll have enough materials for a whole album

The song you should purchase the album for: "Money and Run" (Youtube, Lyrics)

The Judge Decision: Take the money and run 

Ranking (5/10)

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